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Wedding Venue Interior

Important Things to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

When scouting for the perfect wedding venue, there are a lot of questions you should list down and ask yourself. Choosing the right venue for your wedding can make or […]

farm wedding

Beautiful Outdoor Places To Get Married

I think it is every girl’s dream to have not just a breathtaking and memorable wedding but also an extraordinary one. When I was younger, I also wished for my […]

Braided Curly Bun Hairstyle

7 Popular Wedding Gown Fabrics Compared

When it comes to wedding gowns, every future bride will have her own idea of the perfect looking fit. Most of us even have it designed in our heads ever […]

Rustic Half Up

10 Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Here’s a list of beautiful hairstyles for all sorts of curly hair. Whether wavy, curly or in between, check out these hairstyles that you can choose from.

Funny Wedding Dance

10 Wedding Dance Videos That Will Blow You Away!

I’ve gathered wonderful wedding dance videos that I love for you to enjoy! Get inspired!

Bride Fitting Wedding Gown

8 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

Don’t feel obligated to make everyone you know a part of your bridal party. Consult your florist & ask which flowers are in bloom during your wedding day.

Happy Couple Wedding

Tips on How to Pose for Wedding Pictures

No matter how much people say you look beautiful, you’re still drawn to that arm, chin, face, or stomach that doesn’t look right to you. Well, here are some tips.

Pre Wedding Stress

7 Rules that Every Bride Should Follow to Stay Sane

I’m sharing rules that every bride should try to commit to. These are stay-sane moves that will make the wedding planning months stress-free and happier!

Girls Toast Drinks Bridalshower

Bridal Shower Etiquette: A Guide for First Timer Planners

Like a lot of traditions, a bridal shower was created for a purpose which changed over the years. Some sources say it was meant to shower the bride with gifts.

Couple Wedding Night

Important things Every Bride Should Do Before the Wedding Night

Preparing for the wedding night is more than just buying sexy lingerie or scented candles. Don’t just prepare for one night, prepare for your future life together as a couple.


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