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7 Tips To Help You Get Organized In Planning Your Wedding

Sure, there’ll be stress and problems despite how much you’ve planned the wedding but it’s always best to keep it at a minimal. Here are simple things you can do to stay organized.

Garden Wedding Gown

Wedding Hairstyle Tips to Match the Weather on Your Big Day

Weather plays a big role when choosing your dress, theme, makeup, hairstyle & much more! Take this as a little guide to point you to the right hairstyle!

Oceana Wedding Dress Closup

A Dream of Wedding Dresses

I love weddings. Truth be told, I usually don’t last long enough inside the church to hear the couple finish their wedding vows. Father walking her daughter down the aisle, […]

Couple In Small Wedding

Practical Ideas for Planning a Small Wedding

Big or small wedding, you’ll still need ideas to help you create the perfect wedding. Hopefully, you find something helpful from what I’m about to share.

Bride DIY Wedding Makeup

6 Things You Need to Know About DIY Wedding Makeup

A lot of brides these days opt to DIY their makeup for various reasons. If you’re one of them, then here are some important tips you need to know: Don’t […]

DIY Wedding Makeup

10 Easy DIY Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding hair and makeup are among the things you can cut costs on if you’re on a limited budget. Some brides opt to do their own hair and makeup for […]

Long Hair Wedding updo

10 DIY Wedding Updos for Long Hair

Styling your own hair can be a challenge even on a casual day but practice makes perfect! I’d like to believe that every woman can achieve gorgeous hairstyles without having […]

Bride Fantasy Wedding Photography

4 Key Elements When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are important keepsakes of one of your most memorable life events. Now, the thing with wedding photographers is that unlike other vendors, you only get to see […]

Wedding Updo Short Hair

8 DIY Wedding Updos for Mid-Length and Short Hair

If you have mid-length or short hair and intend to do your own hair on your wedding, here are great video tutorials featuring updos you can do on your own.

Wedding Bouquet

7 Important Post-Wedding To-Dos

After the rush and excitement of planning your wedding, all the hype seems to disappear in an instant once you realize you’re coming home after the honeymoon. For weeks you’ve […]


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